What Pinon Hill Capital Offers

Pinon Hill Capital offers investors the chance to participate in the growing e-commerce space, with their capital in a safe, secure, non-volatile, fixed interest product. We offer fixed interest 10-11% products with monthly payouts or compounded interest options available.

Accredited Investors Only

The SEC defines accredited investors as investors who have either a net worth of $1,000,000 not including their primary residence or investors with an income of $200,000 if filing single or $300,000 if filing jointly. Investors only need to meet either the income or net worth threshold, not both.

Secured Bond Series

Secured Bond Series 1

Secured Bond Series 2

Investment Details


There are numerous ways a company likes ours can raise capital for growth, the two most common would be through an equity raise or bank financing. Our partners did not want to give up equity in the firm, and as such this is a family owned and operated business. Bank financing on the other hand is difficult to procure for early stage companies like ourselves, regardless of the fact that we are purchasing existing, profitable businesses. The fact that the parent company buying those businesses is not 10 years old, restricts our ability to get favorable financing. We generate 20-30% rates of return on our investments and as such we can comfortably pay a 10-11% rate of return to investors to grow our business.
If you choose the monthly payment option, you will receive interest on the 15th of each month via direct deposit or check. If you choose the compound interest option, you will receive a lump sum interest payment at the end of the term along with your original principal.
Accredited investors are defined as having a net worth over $1 million (excluding primary residence) or income over $200,000 (individual) or $300,000 (household) in each of the prior two years, and reasonably expect the same for the current year.

All investments carry risk, including ours. Most of our investors consider this investment safe, however, primarily due to the stability of the businesses we are buying, but also because of the assets backing the investment. We ensure that in the event of a bankruptcy or inability to pay investors, the assets of the company would be liquidated in pursuit  of paying investors outstanding principal and interest. For more information, please be sure to contact someone from our team and check our our public SEC filings. 

All of our investments are eligible for retirement investments of all kinds. For more information on your specific retirement account, please contact
You can exit the investment the investment early, however, there is an 8% breakage fee for doing so.
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